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                                              Shivam Chemical industries is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of wide range of Dyes,Intermediates and Chemicals from Ahmedabad,
                                              India. It is a fullyintegrated Dyes and Chemicals company focused on providing products of high quality, application & environment aligned R&D,
                                              innovative solution-centric and all-encompassing customer care. shivam chemical industries acquired DyStar Group, through SPV shivam Holding
                                             Singapore Pvt. Ltd in 2000. Dystar acquisition isconsidered to be a historical development in the global Dyes industry.

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                                             Shivam chemical industries is one of the fastest growing Dyes and Chemicals company of India.There are opportunities existing to partner with us
                                             in developing our market. Kirazol and Kiractive range of Dyes are widely accepted by consumers and multinational companies throughout the world.
                                            Shivam enjoys strong and mutually beneficial business relations with our Distributors in India and across the globe.


                                        Our Speciality                                                                                                                                                                                  EXPRESS QUERY


                                            All Above dyes are avalible in salted tree crude form.


                                            We can provide mix dyes & recepe for any matching Shade.


                                            Againest your powder sample YARN cloth and paper cutting


                                            We can Provide All above dyes & Auxilaries Againest your Running Standard.